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Hi my name is Julie Aragon and I’m a Los Angeles loan officer. I’ve been in the home mortgage business for over 13 years now. I first started as a mortgage consultant when I was 20 years old. I like to communicate with buyers the way they want to be communicated with. Everyone has busy lives and schedules and the last thing they want to do is come into the office. So I like to accommodate their schedule. My clients are NOT a loan number to me. These are families and people that I form really strong relationships with. I don’t work for a bank. I really work for my clients, so I can do what’s in their best interests. I don’t work from the office very often. As long as I have my phone and computer I can do my job from wherever. I’ve become very efficient doing my job from anywhere. I think clients feel comfortable knowing they can call me and I’ll pick up the phone. I want that personal relationship and I really want the client to know that I value those relationships. At the end of the day I want to know that I’ve done everything that I could to move the home loan process along for the client and ensure that they’re going to be closing on time.
Why do my clients call me “The best mortgage lender in Long Beach”? I think one reason is because I’m dedicated to solving my clients’ problems. Those problems include helping my clients achieve their mortgage-related goals, getting their retirement, savings or debt issues in order and under control, and helping Real Estate Agents generate new referrals and grow their business using my unique marketing strategies and tactics.
Basically, you could say that I’m the “go-to” resource for solving problems, and I’m constantly providing my clients with helpful advice, direction, debt assistance, and more. Whether you have questions about an FHA mortgage loan, jumbo loan, or anything in regards to the mortgage loan process, I’m here to help!
Also, I never “diagnose and prescribe” solutions for my clients, and leave them confused, anxious and unsure of what’s going on. Instead, I educate, empower and enable my clients every step of the way. I want them to be involved in the mortgage process and feel that they’re part of the team — and of course, have FUN at the same time!
As you can see, I bring my “personality” to my work and into my clients’ lives — whether those clients are individuals, families, or Real Estate professionals. My clients consider me a trusted friend and a valued part of their extended family, and quite honestly, that’s the greatest compliment they can ever pay me. It’s also the expectation that I set for myself with every client, every time!

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Long Beach Mortgage Lenders, Top Lenders | Julie Aragon Mortgage Lender Long Beach.

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Early Mortgage Benefit – Late Charges Are Killers

This will also help you to reduce your total payment on the house. It is not something that a borrower can just rush into. You can do the math using a home mortgage calculator to see for yourself.

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Consider the following circumstance. You wish to purchase your own house. You made an application for a home mortgage loan. You are awaiting the approval from the home mortgage company, however you get rejected instead. Why? That’s since of bad credit. You might have had substantial credit card debts or a County Court Judgment versus you resulting in a very low credit report. This, however, is no brand-new circumstance for lots of people. Many individuals have actually been rejected a home mortgage since of poor credit. However, this does not suggest that you can’t get a home mortgage in a situation of bad credit. No matter your credit history, you can get a home mortgage. You can still get a bad credit home mortgage if you can not get a basic home mortgage.

Planning an early Mortgage payment technique suggests getting your debt and spending under control. Pay off high rates of interest charge card, which suggests anything between 15-20%. The cost savings you make on your top mortgage lenders by volume payments will vanish with those. Better to look after the small stuff first, and after that create ahead. Cutting spending is another way you can conserve money that can be better applied toward paying off a home mortgage early.

An advantage of searching in your area is that you can get an excellent idea of the company since you read this have actually been around them. The lender will have a credibility in your town, so do your homework and ask around to different people. Have any of your good friends worked with them, or do they know any person who has? A good referral will not only give you a much better photo of the company, however will also bring assurance, since you know that others have actually had an excellent experience with them.

This routine can feel useless however it’s not. The very best manufacturers have numerous Realtors feeding them leads. Collect your employee and list all the methods your office adds worth to the working relationship you develop with your chosen Realtors. I consulted with an industrial Property Broker yesterday about the number of gos to he’s getting from Loan Officers. His answer: None.

GST – if you are buying a brand-new house through a home builder or developer, you will have GST to pay. It is generally possible to have the GST included in your total cost for home mortgage funding purposes.

This brings us to benefit number 5. Now that the lender or home mortgage expert knows the ratios they can determine what types of loans are readily available to you. I know it sounds like the alphabet, however each loan type has its own advantages and problems. Mortgages have lots of types of loans such as VA, FHA, Traditional, USDA, jumbo, Cal Veterinarian and lots of more. By getting a home mortgage pre-qualification you have time to resolve the list to pick which is best for you.

The important thing is to find a lender that uses the kind check over here loan you desire such as FHA and VA loans, as well as deal the best rates of interest for your circumstance. However you have to be sensible. If your credit is not so good, you can’t expect the same competitive rates of interest as someone with best credit. However some lending institutions want to loan money to dangerous financial investments and some are not.nSo store around and see what lending institutions are out there for you.

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Lower rates suggest lower payments for your home mortgage. A loan provider might be a bank, a credit union, or a quasi-government company like FNMA or “Fannie Mae”. Look at the different offers by different business.