The Upcoming Housing Market CRASH Of 2020 | Real Estate Collapse

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In this video, we are going to talk about the real estate crash of 2020. There have been a lot of predictions about a massive crash happening in 2020 that some people think will be even worse than the 2008 housing collapse.

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40 million people have filed for unemployment since March of 2020 and the housing supply down is down almost 10% on a year-to-year basis. Here are a couple indicating factors that I believe can help predict a real estate crisis.

Between student loans, credit card debt, auto loans, mortgages, and more, debt is a massive issue in American’s lives and the economy, as a whole. Student debt in 2020 has risen to $1.56 trillion dollars between almost 45 million borrowers. Credit card debt has also been a trending factor you see  when a real estate crash is on the horizon. It goes without saying that high levels of debt can begin to indicate a real estate crash. If your debt levels are too high, you may not get approved for a loan to even buy a home. On top of that, you may not even be able to afford one since you have so many other bills to pay.

As you know, tens of millions of Americans are currently on unemployment benefits. Little or no income makes even the most simple and inexpensive life possible to live. The reason that income levels and trends are a good indicator of a real estate crash is because at a certain level, low income amounts mean you can’t afford to pay your mortgage or your landlord, etc. If you have no income, you probably aren’t looking to buy a home since you likely can’t afford one.

It’s no surprise that we are amidst a crisis that is reducing or fully eliminating income for millions of Americans and raising debt levels to numbers that haven’t been seen since the Crash of 2008. The final and main reason I think we may be in the early stages of a real estate crash is forbearance. Part of the CARES Act grants mortgage forbearance to those affected by the crisis. In essence, mortgage payments are delayed for up to 180 days and potentially an additional 6 months after that, if granted. The major drop in inventory of homes for sale will play a huge factor in about a year. A large percentage of these homes will go back on the market to be sold, but demand will be low due to high unemployment and reduced incomes coupled with high debt amounts.

Overall I don’t see a crash happening, but I do think in about a year, we will see home prices will drop significantly and the real estate market will see a big halt.

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The Upcoming Housing Market CRASH Of 2020 | Real Estate Collapse, North Las Vegas Retail Mortgage Lenders

North Las Vegas Retail Mortgage Lenders, The Upcoming Housing Market CRASH Of 2020 | Real Estate Collapse.

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