The Impact of De-risking on Nonprofit Organizations and Their Beneficiaries in Conflict Areas

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Please join the CSIS Human Rights Initiative, Charity and Security Network, and The Humanitarian Forum for the launch of a series of country case studies on de-risking in conflict zones. Global financial institutions are increasingly terminating or restricting relationships with U.S. nonprofit organizations (NPOs), financial intermediaries, and local organizations in various regions of the world, a trend called “de-risking.” This practice, combined with a complex terror environment, poses enormous challenges to organizations working to deliver aid in areas that need it most, as well as to government policies centered around financial institutions. As work progresses towards finding solutions for NPOs’ financial access difficulties, it is integral to ensure that these solutions have a global reach. At the same time, efforts are being made to document the consequences of de-risking of foreign NPOs and their beneficiaries. During this event, expert panelists will discuss the findings of the country case studies, with a focus on Syria, Yemen, Somalia, and Palestine.

This event is made possible through general support to CSIS.


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The Impact of De-risking on Nonprofit Organizations and Their Beneficiaries in Conflict Areas, Richmond Correspondent Mortgage Lenders

Richmond Correspondent Mortgage Lenders, The Impact of De-risking on Nonprofit Organizations and Their Beneficiaries in Conflict Areas.

The Impact of De-risking on Nonprofit Organizations and Their Beneficiaries in Conflict Areas. Latest Evaluations Most Discussed Commercial Mortgage Lenders, Mortgage Leads, Guaranteed Mortgage, Mortgage Advice,
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