The Big Short Michael Lewis Missed (w/ Raoul Pal and Jeff Greene)

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Billionaire real estate investor Jeff Greene built his fortune with a lifetime of hustle and no partners. In this interview with Raoul Pal, Greene explains how he transformed himself from a traveling circus ticket salesman to an investment titan putting on billion-dollar credit default swap trades. What began as a hedge turned into the trade of a lifetime when Greene astutely observed that shorting mortgage backed securities was a no-doubter in his first foray with derivatives. Greene also touches on his unique career path, his market outlook for a handful of asset classes, and the philanthropic endeavors that now dominate his focus. Filmed on January 23, in West Palm Beach, Florida.

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The Big Short Billionaire Michael Lewis Missed (w/ Raoul Pal and Jeff Greene)

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The Big Short Michael Lewis Missed (w/ Raoul Pal and Jeff Greene), Glendale Warehouse Mortgage Lenders

Glendale Warehouse Mortgage Lenders, The Big Short Michael Lewis Missed (w/ Raoul Pal and Jeff Greene).

The Big Short Michael Lewis Missed (w/ Raoul Pal and Jeff Greene). New Research Most Discussed Bridging Loan, Getting a Good Mortgage,
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