Single-Family Rental Property Today – Ep. #258

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Single-family rentals have 16 advantages over apartments:

Tenant quality, appreciation, neighborhood, school district, retention, no common areas, utilities, divisibility, fire, disturbances, financing terms, vacancy rate, management, supply & demand, risk, exit strategy.

There’s nothing wrong with apartment investing. They have their own advantages.

Noel Christopher, Senior VP of Portfolio Services at Renters Warehouse, joins Keith to discuss today’s single-family rental (SFR) market.

Renters Warehouse manages 22,000+ homes in 25 states. They could be a good backup property manager for you. See their marketplace too.

The midsize investor (owns 25 – 2,000 rental units) is becoming more involved in buying SFRs.

Many say “mom-and-pop” landlords are competing with first-time homebuyers for single-families. Noel disagrees.

Long-distance investing is more common today.

Demographics of SFR tenants – both Baby Boomers and Millennials.

Also discussed: beginner tips, build-to-rent communities.

Keith brings you today’s show from Anchorage, AK.

Next week: Canton, OH.

The following week: Philadelphia, PA.

The week after: St. Petersburg, FL.


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Single-Family Rental Property Today - Ep. #258, Anchorage Warehouse Mortgage Lenders

Anchorage Warehouse Mortgage Lenders, Single-Family Rental Property Today – Ep. #258.

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