OSHPD Update May 2020

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The Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development is still focused on the fight against COVID-19 in its news update video for May.

This month, we focus on our launch of the Skilled Nursing Facility Hero Awards, a one-time $500 stipend for licensed vocational nurses and certified nurse assistants working in skilled nursing facilities. Along with launching the hero awards program, OSHPD staff have been working tirelessly to assist frontline healthcare workers prepare for COVID-19 patient surges. We also talk about OSHPD lending a helping hand to other state departments to help them better serve Californians in their time of need.

While the COVID-19 virus is the focus of OSHPD, we also have other news to talk about. OSHPD released all four quarters of 2019 data for wholesale acquisition cost increases for prescription drugs, as well as helped a pair of healthcare facilities insure loans for important construction projects on their campuses. OSHPD is also in the process of launching the Hospital Supplier Diversity program, which will collect reports from hospitals on the diversity of their suppliers.

Learn about these items and more in our May 2020 news update video.
See links to the webpages mentioned in this video:

Prescription Drug Cost Transparency Program

Prescription Drug Wholesale Acquisition Cost (WAC) Increases

Hospital Supplier Diversity program

Hospital Supplier Diversity Reporting Program

Public Meetings

OSHPD Update May 2020, San Bernardino Wholesale Mortgage Lenders

San Bernardino Wholesale Mortgage Lenders, OSHPD Update May 2020.

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