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Everyone should be treated fairly when financing a home.

That’s why, at Moreira Team, our policy is 100% transparency and honesty.

Moreira Team was built to cater to your financial needs…
And to find the best loan for your situation, not ours.

Let’s face it, home loans can be quite confusing.
We’re here to make it easy for you…
With a simplified home mortgage process, that’s easy to follow.
In fact, we walk you through the entire process, step by step.

We believe that mortgage companies need to provide open communication…
And should involve you in the entire process from start to finish.

That’s why we keep you updated throughout every phase of your loan.

We also believe that you deserve fast approval…
And our mortgage process is streamlined to do just that, and get you approved quickly.

Last but certainly not least…
We believe that you deserve a mortgage lender who builds long-term, lasting relationships…
So that you feel truly comfortable about referring us your family and friends.

So say goodbye to stress, anxiety and doubt…
And say hello to an easier, better, simpler mortgage…
With Moreira Team.

Call us today at 404-238-7888…
And find out how easy getting a mortgage can be.

We offer the following products and services:

Mortgage Calculator
FHA Loan
First Time Home Buyer
USDA Loans
VA Loan
Refinance Mortgage
Conventional Loan
Cash Out Refinance
Jumbo Loan
Mortgage Pre-Approval
Interest Only Mortgage
Streamline Refinance
HUD Loans
Adjustable Rate Mortgage
100 Financing Home Loans
No Closing Cost Refinance
Mortgage Prequalification
Interest Only Loan
Fixed Rate Mortgage
and many more…

We also Service these cities in Georgia:

Druid Hills
Fulton County
Johns Creek
North Atlanta
North Decatur
North Druid Hills
Peachtree City
Sandy Springs
Warner Robins

Please visit us at for more details.

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Mortgage Brokers Atlanta GA - Moreira Team, Atlanta Mortgage Brokers

Atlanta Mortgage Brokers, Mortgage Brokers Atlanta GA – Moreira Team.

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Home Loan Basics – How To Manage Money

There is not one home loan product suitable for everybody. You simply won’t have sufficient time to conserve cash. I understand it sounds like the alphabet, but each loan type has its own benefits and problems.

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If you take place to be a victim of mis-sold home loan, then you must enjoy to understand that there is a way that you can now get payment. Prior to you start believing of payment or making mis-sold home loan claims, you must have a better understanding of mis-sold mortgages.

For the purchaser, assuming the seller’s Mortgage will be an appealing option if the sellers’ home loan rate is less than the dominating rates being offered by lending institutions. The purchaser will need to be approved by the seller’s bank in order for the presumption to work. If the purchaser is approved, the seller can prevent paying a charge for breaking the sneak a peek at these guys prior to its expiration. This is a big advantage for the seller. The seller can use this as a negotiating tool to, maybe, minimize the list price of the house. So if the seller is conserving cash by not having to pay the charge, this conserving can be passed onto the buyer in the type of a reduced cost for the house.

this page pre-qualification offers you another set of numbers. Advantage number 4 is the ratios. Lenders use the regular monthly payment on a property to figure out a customer’s qualifications. The payment includes principal, interest, real estate tax, and insurance-commonly described as PITI. This earnings ratio is based just on the real estate cost.

On the other hand, if you plan to keep your refinanced home loan, you would do better with a lower rate, even with paying points. If you wish to conserve cash on interest, cut your loan duration to minimize your general interest payments.

A home loan broker is basically a retail seller of a loan. They make money a commission from the loan provider and a service cost from you. The service charge can include an origination cost, a processing cost, a closing cost, and/or points on the loan. The charges will be listed on the documents you sign at the title company, on the day of closing. The advantage of utilizing a home mortgage broker is that they know on a wide variety of lending institutions and loans that can fit your needs. A home loan broker’s commitment to his/her consumer is to discover the very best rate possible and make sure all the documents are prepared by the closing date. To do otherwise could cause the home loan broker to lose customers and tarnish their credibility with other real estate professionals.

Some business estimate really low rates and draw in lots of applications, but they don’t let you Lock-In till 15 Days prior to loan closing. You will get screwed if you use for a Home loan through a business with that policy. When it’s time to Lock-In your Home Loan Rate, you will pay an “excess” that will go straight to the Home mortgage Loan Officers pocket. You will either pay more points for the rate you asked for at the time of application or you will get a higher rate. Either way, you will get screwed and the Loan Officer will get a fat excess contributed to his commission.

Many brokers have years of experience and understanding to aid their clients to get the home loan that finest fits their present situation. They take care of your loan application, tell you about home loan updates, remind you of the payment, and do other mortgage-related tasks skillfully. It is their practice to earn your repeat company and recommendations from your buddies and partners. An established broker can even have speaking of/her own company. How about loan officers from a bank? They seldom stay posted at one location for really long. Bank personnel gets promoted and moved so typically that they are less most likely to master specific understanding in tailoring mortgage to your finest advantage.

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Nevertheless, that thought appears like a difficult accomplishment due to the fact that their credit ranking is poor. You will be doing yourself a big favor by avoiding over the regular mortgage lenders.