Mortgage & Types of Mortgages – Explained in Hindi

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What is Mortgage? What are the types of Mortgages in India? Explained in Hindi. Simple or Registered Mortgage, Mortgage by Conditional Sale, Usufructuary Mortgage, English Mortgage, Mortgage by deposit of Title Deeds (Equitable Mortgage), Anomalous Mortgage are the 6 types of mortgages as per Section 58 of Transfer of Property Act 1882.

A mortgage is created when you take any secured loan against an immovable property for eg. in case of home loan or housing loan, loan against property etc.

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मॉर्गेज क्या है? इंडिया में मॉर्गेज के कितने प्रकार होते हैं? सिंपल या रजिस्टर्ड मॉर्गेज, मॉर्गेज by कंडीशनल सेल, यूज़्यूफ्रक्चरी मॉर्गेज, इंग्लिश मॉर्गेज, मॉर्गेज बय डिपाजिट ऑफ़ टाइटल डीड्स (इक्वीटाब्ले मॉर्गेज), अनोमलोउस मॉर्गेज, 6 प्रकार के मॉर्गेज होते हैं सेक्शन 58 के ट्रांसफर ऑफ़ प्रॉपर्टी एक्ट 1882 के अनुसार।

मॉर्गेज तब बनता है जब आप किसी इममोवबले प्रॉपर्टी के अगेंस्ट एक सिक्योर्ड लोन लेते हैं, उदहारण के लिए होम लोन या हाउसिंग लोन के मामले में लोन अगेंस्ट प्रॉपर्टी।

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In this video, we have explained:
What is a mortgage?
What is the definition of the mortgage in Transfer of Property Act 1882?
What is the concept of mortgage in India?
How to distinguish between different types of mortgages?
What are the various mortgage types?
How many types of mortgage loans are available in India?
What is the meaning of simple or registered mortgage?
What is a mortgage deed?
What are the meaning of mortgage by conditional sale, usufructuary mortgage, english mortgage and equitable mortgage?
What is anomalous mortgage and how it is different from other types of mortgages?
How mortgage is explained in the Transfer of Property Act 1882?
What happens in the case if any accession is made in the mortgaged property?
What are the important clauses related to the mortgage in India?
What kind of conditions are included in the Mortgage by Conditional Sale?

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Mortgage & Types of Mortgages - Explained in Hindi, Columbus Retail Mortgage Lenders

Columbus Retail Mortgage Lenders, Mortgage & Types of Mortgages – Explained in Hindi.

Mortgage & Types of Mortgages – Explained in Hindi. Get Recommendations Most Searched Online Mortgage Rates, Business Mortgage, Mortgage Business,
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Getting A House Mortgage – How Do I?

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Assuming a home mortgage is an intricate treatment and may not always be a choice. Buyers and sellers should seek the suggestions of an official source real estate lawyer.

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