Meet our People | Loan Officer Rich Cohen

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“In my previous job, I was miserable. Since I joined Movement, I’ve been inspired,” Loan Officer Rich Cohen. Rich works in Raleigh, North Carolina under the leadership of Regional Director Chris Shelton.

The secret to the highest-producing region at Movement Mortgage is simple: Relationships. Led by Regional Director Chris Shelton, the South Atlantic Region recorded multiple back-to-back volume months in 2019, hitting the $400 million mark in July of that year. From the Carolinas to Kentucky, this region prides itself on open lines of communication to strengthen relationships across state lines. Shelton has served as the regional director for the South Atlantic region since 2012. In that time he’s helped grow the region to more than 100 offices with more than 200 loan officers and market leaders. Those teammates have worked to build strong, lasting relationships from Charlotte to Louisville, Chattanooga to Raleigh, Columbia to Charleston and everywhere in between.

Regional Director Chris Shelton is a native of Raleigh, North Carolina and started with Movement in 2012. Shelton has been in the mortgage business since 2004, and says that after joining Movement, “Things that were priorities before are no longer priorities and things that I thought were important are not necessarily important. There’s just a special feeling that comes with working at Movement Mortgage. Mondays don’t suck anymore. I have the best job in the company, I get to go out and tell the story, bring other people into a company that I care about pretty passionately.”

Movement Mortgage exists to love and value people by leading a Movement of Change in its industry, corporate culture and communities. Funding approximately $15 billion in residential mortgages annually, Movement is the seventh-largest retail mortgage lender in the U.S. Movement is best known for its innovative mortgage process and referable experience, which begins with Upfront Underwriting and a seven-day loan processing goal. The company employs more than 3,500 people, has more than 650 branches in the U.S. and is licensed in 49 states. After funding its balance sheet and investing in future growth, Movement’s profits are paid to its primary shareholder, the nonprofit Movement Foundation. To date, Movement Foundation has reinvested more than $40 million in schools, affordable housing, communities, and global outreach. For more information, visit

Meet our People | Loan Officer Rich Cohen, Louisville Retail Mortgage Lenders

Louisville Retail Mortgage Lenders, Meet our People | Loan Officer Rich Cohen.

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Seniors, Do Your Research Before Considering A Reverse Mortgage

Keeping this info in mind will guarantee that you then find exactly what you need. Discovering an excellent lending institution makes the process a lot easier. And into your savings account or financial investment portfolio.

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I am a Genuine Estate Professional and it is my task to my clients find the home just right for them. I set them up with financiers, loan providers, and very first time home buyers programs so they can get the very best loan possible for their situation. Documentation, documents, documents! However over the last year I have had clients ask me how can they pay off their home mortgages faster? What is the very best method to minimize interest payments?

Planning an early Mortgage payment method indicates getting your debt and spending under control. Pay off high rates of interest credit cards, which indicates anything in between 15-20%. The savings you make on your see this helpful information payments will disappear with those. Much better to look after the little stuff initially, and then advance. Cutting spending is another method you can conserve money that can be much better used towards settling a mortgage early.

Your determination, your reliability, and your short statements of how you can help their organisation will stick. You exist to help them be successful. You are not an insect. You are their backup strategy. Deal benefits and worth. Prepare your worth added phrases before your go to. Take some time to stand there and let your authority and expertise register. Ask questions. Do you understand what matters most to your consumer? What sort of info will find here help them with potential home buyers? Prepare a top notch sales script to be successful.

On the other hand, if you plan to keep your refinanced mortgage, you would do much better with a lower rate, even with paying points. Cut your loan duration to minimize your overall interest payments if you desire to conserve money on interest.

In addition to hiring it’s time for the mortgage organisation to turn within their companies and start increasing market share by assisting each individual Loan Producer grow their circle of Realtor relationships. It’s time to switch on the mortgage leads faucet to complete force.

With a reasonable credit history, you can find rates only a couple of points greater than the typical traditional rate. You can likewise buy points to reduce your rates. ARMs are another method to keep rates low, at least in the start.

These are click this site choices you can consider to help you get a mortgage. If you do not understand any of these options given in step 5 above, please do talk to your mortgage advisor.

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Re-finance mortgage lenders cater to various parts of the borrowing market. Not all brokers and loan providers are credible. Be truthful and realistic about your situation from the start.