Maximum Employment Matters: Exploring Careers in Cybersecurity, Part 2

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Did you know there are over 300,000 unfilled jobs in cybersecurity nationwide? This second of a two-part Maximum Employment Matters webinar explores job opportunities that help secure our financial system.

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1:50 – Have you been a victim of a cybercrime?
3:09 – What is the United States payment system?
5:34 – What is the role of the Federal Reserve in the U.S. payment system?
7:55 – What are the current trends in retail payments?
9:51 – What is FinTech and what are the employment trends in this industry?
15:10 – What technology roles exist in the Fed?
16:39 – Do you understand how blockchain works?
25:01 – What are the top blockchain jobs?
32:43 – What career opportunities are available in cybersecurity?
43:45 – What does work in these fields look like?
53:01 – What types of certifications are in high demand in cybersecurity?

Questions and Answers:
53:33 – According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the important qualities candidates in this field should have include analytical skills, detail oriented, ingenuity, problem solving, communication, and teamwork. Which would you say is the most important?
59:41 – Understanding that Georgia is the latest and greatest FinTech hub, are there comparable classes or education programs in other states that the Atlanta Federal Reserve serves?

Maximum Employment Matters: Exploring Careers in Cybersecurity, Part 2, Birmingham Correspondent Mortgage Lenders

Birmingham Correspondent Mortgage Lenders, Maximum Employment Matters: Exploring Careers in Cybersecurity, Part 2.

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