Legacy Wealth Ep. 5 – Raising Money with Josh Cantwell

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As a financial advisor, Josh Cantwell spotted a trend very early on: his wealthiest clients were wagering it all in the stock market. Instead, they were investing in real estate—specifically, cash-flow positive rental properties. These clients owned restaurant buildings, multi-family buildings, warehouses—it didn’t matter. Regardless of the format, they were making money—and lots of it. And Josh wanted in.

From 2003 to 2011 he rehabbed and flipped properties, generating significant wealth and growing his business in a big way. Then, everything changed—Josh was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. While his real estate investing business continued to push ahead, eventually it lost momentum without its leader. Over a 400-day period, Josh was only well enough to work 100 days. Without his boots on the ground, he could find, fund and flip properties—he couldn’t keep his finances afloat.

It was then, though, he had an epiphany. What if, instead of digging in so deep, he focused on controlling the deals by controlling the funding? If Josh had the money, he had the power—the power to control the opportunities, the contractors, the pace of work, the joint venture partners and, literally, everything in between.

So he did. And now, he’s a money-raising ninja with an incomparable process and innate understanding of investor psychology. And, in this podcast, he shares it all, including his five-step process for generating funds—and generating wealth.

In this episode of Legacy Wealth, Josh explains his unique approach to going out and raising capital. This isn’t about bank lending, private money or hard money—this is about pounding the pavement and raising funds.

Now, Josh is focused on creating jaw-dropping returns for his audience of passive investors. To date, he’s done more than 700 traditional real estate investing deals and 400-plus funding opportunities. And he’s just getting started.

Legacy Wealth Ep. 5  - Raising Money with Josh Cantwell, St. Petersburg Warehouse Mortgage Lenders

St. Petersburg Warehouse Mortgage Lenders, Legacy Wealth Ep. 5 – Raising Money with Josh Cantwell.

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When Looking For The Best Home Mortgage Broker, Three Factors To Consider.

Have any of your friends worked with them, or do they understand any person who has? The cash you can save with a lowered interest rate can go a long method toward paying back the loan more rapidly.

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Think about getting a house mortgage loan when you are purchasing a new house. Here, your new house is taken as collateral. Mortgages include a mortgagee (bank or a monetary organization), a mortgager and a home loan broker. Mortgagee is the entity that provides cash for the home mortgage. Apart from banks and banks, there are other lenders. Mortgager is you, who are borrowing the loan. Using the services of a home loan broker is optional. Here are some reasons you ought to hire him/ her.

In the end, the top wholesale mortgage lenders company almost constantly loses cash when a property owner loses his home. The company must follow and pursue the procedure through until it is completed. With short sales, the homeowner and his agents start the procedure, so the bank has less of a burden. Whatever has actually to be carried out in an accurate, legal manner, so the expense of lawyer fees need to be figured into the equation. When a short sale is picked rather of foreclosure, these legal requirements can be cut down to size. The home is offered right away, rather than costing the bank a terrific quantity of cash.

Well, if you desire to acquire the very best home page expense for yourself, then you can just keep your credit looking excellent. It is really the very best technique through which you can acquire the very best rate for your home mortgage plans. You will face no problem in acquiring the great rates for your home loans if you are well improved with a great credit rating.

This can be a fixed quantity each month, you can assemble to the closest $50 increment, you can just double the quantity that you are paying towards principle each month, or you can just do whatever you feel like in the moment. The point is, even if it is just an extra number of dollars, it will build up gradually. The majority of us have home loans that are thirty years terms. That is 360 home mortgage payments over the life of your loan (or more than 700 payments if you are paying bi-weekly) and that is a great deal of chances to chip away at your home mortgage and pay it off much quicker.

With credit issues, you can still get approved for a refi with a sub-prime loan. Sub-prime loans have much easier loan requirements, so you can apply even if you have a recent insolvency or foreclosure. With some shopping, you can discover rates as low as 1% above prime loan rates.

This brings us to benefit number five. Now that the loan provider or home mortgage expert knows the ratios they can determine what kinds of loans are readily available to you. I understand it seems like the alphabet, however each loan type has its own benefits and issues. Mortgages have lots of kinds of loans such as VA, FHA, Traditional, USDA, jumbo, Cal Vet and a lot more. By getting a home loan pre-qualification you have time to overcome the list to pick which is finest for you.

Lenders consider people with larger bank and investment balances to be lower dangers. It is possible that your bad credit exists in spite click here! having liquid assets.

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Do not get puzzled by Title Company, Attorney Escrows or fees. Your realty specialist can recommend an inspector. The loan provider might also require that you get insurance coverage to secure the loan.