How to Get Deals and Listings from Probate Attorneys – Real Estate Agents, Investors and Wholesalers

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Probate Leads?

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This Video is Part of the All The Leads Ask the Expert Series: Have you ever wondered how you can get deals and listings through referrals from Real Estate, Probate, and Wills and Trusts Attorneys in your market?

“What is Probate?” and how is it different from a trust?
What are the most common delays and issues in probate?
What should I know when my client has real estate that is in Probate?
How can I impress a probate attorney and win their business?

Probate is a big ticket for BOTH attorneys and real estate professionals. Attorneys know people that need help with real estate, and real estate professionals know people that need help with Probate, Wills and Trusts, and Estate Planning. The truth is, Probate is a viable opportunity for both agents and lawyers, no matter who finds a client in need first. As an agent/investor, understanding what a Lawyer does and what they might need from you will provide a solid foundation for building referral relationships and providing a higher level of expertise to your clients.

So, What’s the Best Way To Build Relationships With Probate and Estate Attorneys Near You?

We’ve worked with thousands of agents and investors in teaching how to build lasting referral networks and strong relationships with attorneys, but until now, we’ve never heard the Do’s and Do-Not’s directly from an Attorney.

John Erik Fraker, JD (Lawyer and Real Estate Agent) joins us today not only to lend his insight on what the legal side of probate involves, but also how agents can incorporate a basic understanding of the Probate legal process in their own business to provide exceptional value.

We are excited for all the nuggets and hope you find this valuable!

1:58 Who is John Fraker?
3:03 Where probate real estate and law intersect
5:10 The true cost and pragmatic differences of probate vs. having an estate plan/trust
19:07 What are the most common reasons for delays in Probate?
20:51 What should agents/investors be ready for when working with Personal Representatives?
23:14 The important question to ask Personal Representatives: “Who do you feel like should be part of these conversations?”
24:13 The most common challenges for Probate Attorneys in dealing with multiple heirs/people who have a role in the decision.
26:08 How do (As an Agent/Investor) you build a referral network of probate attorneys that can bring you business?
29:49 How you can bring real value to a probate attorney?
32:22 What is the biggest mistake agents/investors make when trying to earn referrals from attorneys?
36:32 How you can help attorneys market for new clients (since Attorneys can’t prospect the way Real Estate Professionals can)
41:47 What’s the best way to meet attorneys?
45:35 The Probate Checklist as a co-marketing piece.
48:48 A story of the real value you can bring to an attorney and their client(s): Do you have an example of a realtor that really went above and beyond in their service?
54:33 What does the real estate community need to learn the most about the probate law side of things?
57:08 What’s your advice for legal clients that have real estate to deal with?

Our goal is to help real estate agents and real estate investors create a team of professionals who offer a valuable service for their community by focusing on the goals and needs of the Personal Representative and family in the probate process and providing options that others may not be able to.

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How to Get Deals and Listings from Probate Attorneys - Real Estate Agents, Investors and Wholesalers, Des Moines Direct Mortgage Lenders

Des Moines Direct Mortgage Lenders, How to Get Deals and Listings from Probate Attorneys – Real Estate Agents, Investors and Wholesalers.

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