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How to Buy UK Property with NO MONEY DOWN – if you would like to be able to buy properties in the UK with no money down (NMD) or not use any of your own money, these 4 ways to invest in UK property will help you. These are some of the best ways you can invest in property in the UK today.

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0:30 People always ask me “Can you REALLY buy property using no money?” – In this video I prove that it is possible and give you some real life examples of how to do it! I have done all 4 ways in this video. And not only that, I’ve helped many of my students do exactly the same thing that I’ve done successfully.

0:50 The first step is to be open minded. So many people don’t believe they can buy a house for no money, and this is the biggest obstacle for them. People have been buying businesses for years, using different types of agreements. So you can either not believe me, or you can take this information and use it to buy and invest in property in the UK.

1:15 The first way is Lease Option Agreement. This means you buy a property today but pay for it later. This means you can have a free loan to invest in the property in the UK for anywhere up to 5 years. And the beauty is that at the end of that 5 years, you don’t have to buy the property.

2:15 The 2nd way is Property Investment Joint Ventures. This is where 2 people come together, each bringing 50% of value each and they do a joint venture together in the deal. When you’re doing a Joint Venture, you both have to bring 50:50 Value, but you don’t have to bring 50:50 Money!
(Make sure to watch more here to see what you can bring to the deal beside cash)

3:45 You can’t be successful in property investing with no money, no time, no creativity, no implementation, etc. You have to bring something to the table, especially in Joint Venture property investments.

4:00 The 3rd way is by using other people’s money. If you know how to buy a property in the UK and get a 20% return on investment (ROI) and you know someone who has £100,000 sat in the bank doing nothing, this is the perfect opportunity for you to leverage that and invest in properties when you get a great return on investment like that. You give them a fixed return on their money, and you keep the rest for yourself.
(Make sure to watch this section on the different places you can get money if you don’t know someone who has money you can use)

5:25 the 4th way of buying a property is by buying the property, adding value to that property and then refinancing the property. You don’t need much money to start with, as you can get a bridging loan. Some of my students are doing this very method right now to buy properties in the UK and are having great success with it. They’re getting a bridging loan with strategies I give them, add value to the property, and then refinance with a different lender and pay off all the debt and they’ve got a property that they’ve put no money down for.

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How to Buy UK Property with NO MONEY DOWN

How to Buy UK Property with NO MONEY | Samuel Leeds, Birmingham Wholesale Mortgage Lenders

Birmingham Wholesale Mortgage Lenders, How to Buy UK Property with NO MONEY | Samuel Leeds.

How to Buy UK Property with NO MONEY | Samuel Leeds. Discover Recommendations About Credit Report, Commercial Mortgage, 10 Year Mortgage,
Retail Mortgage Lenders and Birmingham Wholesale Mortgage Lenders local Reno area.

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