How I Built a $6 Million Real Estate Portfolio in 2 Years | Top Investment Strategies

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“The Market is Crashing” is the BEST news a real estate investor can hear. If you use the right strategies, you can become extremely wealthy during the upcoming market shift. Daniel and Grant detail each phase, strategy along with how and when to employ each one. As we are currently in phase one, the early downturn, they outline exactly the steps you must take to win big regardless of your investment level. is your source for real estate investor tools, software and education so get your 7-day free trial today at

Stage 1 (Early Downturn): Grant Kemp, Daniel Moore – S4E4

Market Cycle Overview:
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4:45 – Of the 6 phases of a market cycle, we are currently in phase 1 (early downturn) because most investors who got in on the upswing are experiencing increasing cost per deal and much more effort to close deals.
12:00 – Using creative finance is as simple as gaining the knowledge to be able to employ the different financing strategies.
13:20 – The “Subject To” strategy will be the key to success.
14:33 – Propelio Academy has all this information from investors who have used every strategy in every phase. Propelio Academy –
15:05 – The perfect subject 2 candidate has been in their house between 2-8 years.
17:50 – Grant built a portfolio worth around $6,000,000 between 2013 and 2015 by using creative financing including subject to.
19:44 – The deal itself shows you the strategy. For example, if you can get a deal at:
0-75% LTV (Loan to Value), then you can FLIP that deal. Today Money (You get tomorrow).
75-80% LTV, then you can WHOLESALE that deal. Today Money.
75-82% LTV, then you can HOLD/RENT that deal. Tomorrow Money.
82-105% LTV, that is an OWNER FINANCE deal. Today and Tomorrow.
105%+ LTV, that is a SHORT SALE deal. Today Money (You get next year).
20:24 – Today money (Cash) is one-time money from wholesales and flips. Tomorrow money (Assets) pays out over time such as rentals and owner finance deals.
21:56 – You need both in order to succeed as a real estate investor. You need cash to keep your assets alive and you need assets to stay alive tomorrow.
30:52 – Subject 2 is an acquisition (purchasing) strategy, not a disposition (selling) strategy. Buy Subject 2 and sell with a Wrap. Subject To/Wrap Video –
32:50 – Grant kept getting resistance from sellers regarding the Due on Sale clause, which states that if you sell your property, the bank has the right, not the obligation to ask for the remainder of the loan to be paid off in full. Due on Sale Video –
36:52 – If you do not know Subject 2 when the market is going down, you will be dead in the water. “Subject To” is purchasing a property “subject to” the underlying lien staying in place.
A “Wrap” is selling the property to another individual at a higher interest rate and principle.
39:00 – The best news for investors is when the national news announces “The Market is Crashing” because average homeowners heard the same news. Knowledgeable investors leverage that as an opportunity. You must shift your mindset from “We GIVE MONEY to people for houses” to “People GIVE ME HOUSES for the opportunity for me to make money”
49:35 – If you are the only investor who can pay what the seller wants, you are likely to get the deal. Most investors only employ one strategy, which is cash wholesaling.
52:55 – Never accept less than a 10% down payment because anything less is a default waiting to happen. The down payment must cover your back payments and any additional capital expenditures.
56:20 – Buying rentals on an appreciating market gives you many opportunities to exponentially increase your net worth.
56:39 – Hypothecation, Notes Receivable Lending, Collateral Assignment
1:07:14 – Grant’s Advice: If you are just getting into real estate investing, go heavy on Subject 2/Wraps. Don’t do rentals.
1:16:04 – When people sell, I get greedy. When people get greedy, I sell. Buy rentals at market cycle stage 3.
*The assumptions, views, opinions and insinuations made by the host / guests do not reflect those of Propelio

How I Built a $6 Million Real Estate Portfolio in 2 Years | Top Investment Strategies, Arlington Portfolio Mortgage Lenders

Arlington Portfolio Mortgage Lenders, How I Built a $6 Million Real Estate Portfolio in 2 Years | Top Investment Strategies.

How I Built a $6 Million Real Estate Portfolio in 2 Years | Top Investment Strategies. Popular Details Similar Mortgage Programs, Home Loan,
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Sometimes, a house goes all the way through foreclosure and ends up as a Real Estate Owned, or REO, property. If it has actually been put up for auction and a satisfactory quote has actually not been made, this takes place. As quickly as your home ends up being REO property, the bank or Mortgage lender needs to look after it. There will likely be maintenance to do and repair work to make. The home will have to be protected from vandals, weather condition conditions and decay. top wholesale mortgage lenders lenders are not in business of taking care of houses. They would rather do brief sales and move the property on to another owner who can be responsible for it instead.

An advantage of browsing in your area is that you can get a good idea of business because you look here ‘ve been around them. The lender will have a track record in your town, so do your homework and ask around to different individuals. Have any of your good friends dealt with them, or do they understand anyone who has? A great recommendation will not just provide you a much better photo of business, however will also bring comfort, because you understand that others have actually had a good experience with them.

Everybody wishes to own a house. Nevertheless, it might not be the most economically smart thing to do for all potential customers. Utilizing a calculator can show you whether or not you will pay more monthly leasing as opposed to paying a home loan. For some individuals, it might be less costly to await a few more months to buy a house as opposed to closing on a house in the next month or more.

Lender Charge – most banks and lenders will not charge any kind of lender or additional charges. Some alternative lenders (ex. trust companies) providing extremely specialized or high ratio financing might charge a lender charge that is either subtracted from the home mortgage cash they lend you, or in some cases the charge is added to the home mortgage. Again, this will be revealed up front by the lender and your broker.

A few of your peeps have the ability to do a home loan go and re-finance from a 5% home mortgage to a 4% home mortgage. Their home mortgage payment stop by $200 to $300. But you have not had the ability to re-finance since your house is worth way less than your home mortgage. Does not that just stink!?!

Foreclosure mortgage lenders understand more about who will pay and who will not pay, based upon their experience, you will just need to show that you are a severe purchaser with every objective company website making great on the loan. Another thing to keep an eye out for, specifically in areas that have actually had catastrophes or abandoned houses, is the distress sale lists. You dream house might be just a click away!

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