Future City Sessions 3 | Marc Norman | Part 1

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The development environment can be challenging in cities like Cleveland, especially when we’re trying to do something innovative, ambitious, or complicated. Marc Norman, Director of UPSTATE at Syracuse University,discusses new models of inclusive economic development, real estate development financing, public/private partnerships, and strategies for implementing ideas that have real impact.

Marc Norman has dedicated his career to finding remedies to inequality and promoting economic development and social justice through innovative financial strategies paired with community development and design. As director of UPSTATE, a Center for Design Research and Real Estate at Syracuse University School of Architecture, he supports mechanisms that reduce the cost of housing, expand access to education and employment opportunities and promote health.

The Future City Sessions are an on-going explore of emerging ideas in urban design and city-making made possible by the support of The George Gund Foundation.

This is part 1 of a 2 part series.

Future City Sessions 3 | Marc Norman | Part 1, Rochester Warehouse Mortgage Lenders

Rochester Warehouse Mortgage Lenders, Future City Sessions 3 | Marc Norman | Part 1.

Future City Sessions 3 | Marc Norman | Part 1. Latest Videos Most Discussed Fixed Gic Rate, Payoff Mortgage Early, Good Credit,
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