Ep# 119 How to Capitalize on The Growing Renovation Loan Trend

Top Searched Evaluations Top Searched Mortgage Leads, Make Extra Mortgage Payments, Bad Credit, Home Buying and Mortgage and Tacoma Wholesale Mortgage Lenders, Ep# 119 How to Capitalize on The Growing Renovation Loan Trend.

This week on the show, we interview Jeff Onofrio and Scott Nicholson. Two experienced mortgage professionals who have an expertise in the renovation sector. Jeff is a seasoned and licensed mortgage professional who has been in the business since 1998. He has been running a team of successful loan officers since 2007. Scott is a mortgage professional located in Yorba Linda, California who specializes in renovation loan programs and jumbo financing options.

Geoff and our guests start the interview by going over why renovation is a great area to specialize in and Jeff talks briefly about how the renovation sector is affected less by rate fluctuations and market forces than other areas. Scott discusses why people often place to much importance on the condition of a house when considering renovation. The guys then talk about why renovation is such a great tool for first time home buyers, with some examples from Jeff and Scott that demonstrate the opportunities that renovation can afford you.

Setting the table for the renovation pitch is a tricky task, Jeff and Scott discuss how best to broach the subject with agent referrals, educate them on the topic and when to not oversell the option. This leads on to a discussion on the importance of communication with agents and eventually difference in opinion on coaching versus learning on the job, which itself is useful. A few of the other subjects we cover in this episode are, how the markets are changing due to technology, how an ageing housing infrastructure can affect those markets, the three main types of renovation financial product and why you need to pay attention to legislation changes in your market. Finally, our guests talk briefly about their own ventures and give some predictions for The Masters before signing off.

What you will learn in this episode:
• Why renovation is more resilient to market conditions than other areas of real estate.
• Why renovation is a great tool for new home buyers.
• How to ‘set the table’ for a renovation loan pitch and how to broach the subject with agent referrals.
• The pros and cons of coaching versus learning on the job.
• What are the three types of renovation loans and how they differ.

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Jeff’s # – 609 217 0409
Scott’s # – 562-225-0769

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Ep# 119 How to Capitalize on The Growing Renovation Loan Trend, Tacoma Wholesale Mortgage Lenders

Tacoma Wholesale Mortgage Lenders, Ep# 119 How to Capitalize on The Growing Renovation Loan Trend.

Ep# 119 How to Capitalize on The Growing Renovation Loan Trend. Check Evaluations Explaining Top Mortgage Lenders, Mortgage Renewal, Good Credit,
Mortgage Bankers and Tacoma Wholesale Mortgage Lenders local Jacksonville area.

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