Boise Idaho | Is COVID 19 Crashing The Housing Market?

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Boise Idaho | Is Covid-19 Crashing The Housing Market. THat is the question everyone wants to know. Both buyers and sellers have this on their mind. In this video I will explain why I think this crash may or may not happen.

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In this video, I discuss how covid-19 is causing many people to wonder if the housing market will crash or not. Many businesses and services are shutting their doors to the general public. Does this effect the housing market in Boise.

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You may be familiar with the term “Coronavirus” by now. It’s sweeping the world and shutting down schools, businesses and government buildings having a direct impact on the country and individuals. The coronavirus is taking over. But could this lead to a real estate crash in 2020? In this video I compare and contrast the housing market in 2006 vs the housing market in 2020. Full Disclosure. I am not a licensed medical doctor and I do not practice medicine.

Boise is still an active community business wise. Homes are still selling fast and shooting off the market. This video will compare and contrast the difference between the market in 2008 vs 2020.


This video is meant for you to be able to get some helpful tips to selling your home while dealing with the coronavirus.

My main focus of this channel is to give you a deeper look into what Boise has to offer, including neighborhoods, restaurants, outdoor adventure so you can make an informed decision about moving to Boise Idaho and you can create the LIFE YOU DESERVE.

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Boise Idaho | Is COVID 19 Crashing The Housing Market?, Boise Direct Mortgage Lenders

Boise Direct Mortgage Lenders, Boise Idaho | Is COVID 19 Crashing The Housing Market?.

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