Bay Area Real Estate Market Update Nov 2019 + House Hack Deals in San Jose ($700k w- 5 bedrooms)

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Snead Meet up 11/7/19 – SHARED

Allen from bay area san jose, real estate agent, over here, market is good buyers are buyer

Ryan also an agent with Redfin , specialize in selling homes, sitting on the market, last couple of weeks selling inventory going down all over san jose

Joey – in transcition to plumber to investor out there full time new to real estate

Mayra- tri valley livermore 2 years in the business with mom , invested in some homes, here in ca out of ca looking to network try do deals in ca

Elizabeth from Tracy – mom 2 years havent done any deals work together //

Lorraine from sF, not in real estate, pharmacist at kaiser new to this,

Anthony Techinician at pharmacist newbies in real estate trying to learn

Kelly – realtor , do property management looking to learn flip house hacking

Bernard – real estate wholesaler in the bay area SFR vacant lots, fix and flip

Carlos – work at Gen bbq restaurant, do real estate part time, 7 months ago been tryin g to ger first wholesale

3rd love , scary, hesitation ,
Prices: expensive = $700k low point see high prices $1.5 and up
Bernard deal for $350k = $600k = 50%
Buyers conv. FHA, buyer – ??? still conventional go for homes on the market lower prices , VA – $799k paid over $835k ,
1500 actives down to 1200 so 300 offers accepted 5 months all inventory will be out – price point $800k and under over $800k
Oakland – alot of properties on the market sitting for a while 60+ DOM = rent control – price ponts = $450k $550k allf fixed up – been 45+% days $700k
OVERALL : PRICE ARE DROPPING steady more affordable houseing
Investors: we can buy super low! Owner fifnacing rent it out cashflow


KELLY – reccomend san jose, elk grove , price point $400k and up market value san jose – marrket where selle r wants to net cusion , price a littler higher , $800k sweet spot

Ryan – very tricky VA loan make sure seller had to do all section 1 work – termite report

Joey – getting in touch with home owners 15 pack and door knock talking to someone call back, follow up and follow up arv $850k buy and hold $700k – rental – 3/2 = $3,200

Loan balance $600k

OPTION 1: mortgage is $600k loan on the house Subject to: take over the loan keep thecurrent laon in place and then transfer title to your llc or your name but keep the loan under the seller name that wway you dont have to get a new loan

Pay out seller the different price vs. loan amount = $700k loan: $600k how much do you have to pay the seller?????? $100k cash to get this deal

Catch up on default: $50k tough seller // 1.5% they might just list . lost the property 2 weeks!!!!!

Mortgage tax = $4k but rents are only $3,200

$500 RULE : $100k = $500 in payments

$200k = $1,000

$400 = $2,000

$800k = $4,000

FREE house payments $3,200 and rents $3,200

626 Daly City
‘’OFF MARKET FROM AN AGENT – Cold call all day


JOey – bought for $700k how long to take
Who’s going to buy it????
TEST PILOT – zillow ciraglist or stronger moms

Mayra – pleasanton not livermore

Door knockers 20 – 25 bump add a zero

LIVE deals:

1416 Mount Diablo Dr

5 beds

Room rental = $750 x 5 = $3,750

Mortgage : rough numbers $500 for every $100k = 7 x 5 = $3,500

Everything covers!

House hacking

$1800 x 5 = $9k a month

4 x $1500 = $6000

Mortgage on $700k = $3,500 round up o $4k

ADU = costs $150k to $250k

$100k loan at 8% = $8,000 = a year /12 = $600 osmething


$1 .8 a year / 12 .05244


Repairs: $250k

Total costs $600k

ARV: $700k or $750k

Closing cost: 5-10%


Hard money – private money –
Conventus 10% down rates 8-10%

Door knocking – cost effective

Mailers = 50 stamps = $25 to $30

Mailerin ocmpany in Ariznona = .50 for letters, shipping, printing


$700k – $780k

Build out 2,500 sf = $200 per sf = $500k



Refi all of hs money out

QUESTIONS: eminment domain list – highways , near publi building , transportaion , capital

Bay Area Real Estate Market Update Nov 2019 + House Hack Deals in San Jose ($700k w- 5 bedrooms), San Jose Wholesale Mortgage Lenders

San Jose Wholesale Mortgage Lenders, Bay Area Real Estate Market Update Nov 2019 + House Hack Deals in San Jose ($700k w- 5 bedrooms).

Bay Area Real Estate Market Update Nov 2019 + House Hack Deals in San Jose ($700k w- 5 bedrooms). New Articles Similar Refinance Lenders, Guaranteed Mortgage, Lowest Mortgage Rate, Second Mortgage Interest Only Bad Credit Home Loan,
Mortgage Lenders and San Jose Wholesale Mortgage Lenders local Greeley area.

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