A 2-Bedroom Harrisburg Plan

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Eric McKiernan from our Katy Design Center will join us to talk about this recently completed home. Learn how we redesigned the Harrisburg plan to be a 2-bedroom and to switch the front and rear elevations of the home. Plus, bring all your build on your land questions and we’ll answer them live.

Learn more about Tilson Homes at https://www.tilsonhomes.com

What We Cover:
How one family converted the Harrisburg to a 2-bedroom design
Changes made to the exterior and interior of the home
Why Tilson does not offer standard 2-bedroom plans
Live question and answer sessions throughout

Seminar Notes:
Eric introduces the Harrisburg plan [2:39]
Pause for questions [6:28]
Eric and Eric showcase the family’s alterations to the floor plan [13:50]
Pause for questions: [21:23]
The Erics discuss the exterior of the home [29:25]
We walk through photos of the inside of the home [33:59]
Closing questions [39:53]

A 2-Bedroom Harrisburg Plan, Fayetteville Portfolio Mortgage Lenders

Fayetteville Portfolio Mortgage Lenders, A 2-Bedroom Harrisburg Plan.

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